H. Frank Carey High School Recognized For Promoting Education Abroad

Ra presents Assembly Resolution to Carey High School

Assemblyman Ed Ra (R- Franklin Square) recently presented an Assembly Resolution to H. Frank Carey High School Principal Mrs. Valerie Angelillo and Assistant Principal Mr. Marc Isseks for the school’s effort to provide educational assistance to a village in Sierra Leone. Two students, Alexandra Bieler and Alexandra Kadell, recently organized a fundraiser at the school after learning the story of Salifu Kamara who was kidnapped from his village of Freetown and forced into war efforts as a child soldier in Sierra Leone.

“The efforts by the staff and students at Carey High School was overwhelmingly generous,” said Ra. “To have two students, both in their senior year, who could have been preoccupied with college and spending time with their friends instead focus on a humanitarian crisis half way around the world is outstanding. I want to especially thank Principal Angelillo and Assistant Principal Isseks for their assistance in the fundraiser. All too often we go about our busy lives not thinking of ongoing conflicts around the world. However, the generosity of the students and staff at Carey High School reminds us the good that can be done when we put our minds to it.”