Letters Making An Impact Around The World

Children’s letters receive response from troops around the globe

During the last few days of school, students from the Franklin Square and Elmont school districts participated in Assemblyman Ed Ra’s “Support Our Troops” campaign. Assemblyman Ra asked the young students to reach out to troops whom are currently serving our country overseas. Students wrote heartfelt cards and letters showing their appreciation and support for those who have put forth the ultimate sacrifice to protect our way of life. About 500 cards arrived at Assemblyman Ra’s district office and were immediately sent overseas to areas such as Afghanistan, Kyrgystan, the United Arab Emirates, Germany and Djibouti.

This week, Assemblyman Ed Ra received a thank you letter from a Marine Attack Squadron, known as the Wake Island Avengers, which is currently serving in Afghanistan:

“Thank y’all so much for the cards & well wishes! Your kind gestures put a big smile on all our faces! Keep up the great work in school. Study hard & do great things with your lives. Our Medical team is doing well here in Afghanistan. We are from all over the United States, from Washington State, Arizona & Washington D.C. Thank you again. The troops appreciate all you do for them! Semper Fi! Respectfully sent, Wake Island Avengers, VMA 211, Medical Team”

“The Wake Island Avengers’ response is truly a reflection on how touched they were,” said Ra. “I would like to take this opportunity to again thank the many students that participated in this program, which will continue throughout the summer and upcoming school year.”

Anyone that would like to participate in Assemblyman Ed Ra’s “Support Our Troops” letter campaign can send or drop off unsealed letters to his district office located at 925 Hempstead Turnpike, Room 350 in Franklin Square, or call 516-437-5577 for more information.