Ra Supports Passage Of Brittany’s Law

Assemblyman Ed Ra (R-Franklin Square) recently joined his assembly colleagues in urging the state legislature to pass Brittany’s Law. This bipartisan legislation would create a registry for violent felony offenders, similar to the sex offender registry.

“Passing Brittany’s Law would increase public safety for New Yorkers by providing them with information that could prevent a potentially dangerous situation,” said Ra. “Looking out for the safety and well-being of families, children and seniors in our community is a top priority. In order to do this, we must advance this legislation, and also focus on increasing penalties for those convicted of violent felonies.”

Brittany’s Law is named after 12-year-old Brittany Passalacqua who was murdered, along with her mother, Helen Buchel, in 2009. They were both killed by John Edward Brown, who was on parole at the time of the murders after serving 2-½ years for assaulting his infant daughter in 2003. Without a registry that could provide potentially lifesaving information, Buchel was unaware of Brown’s violent past and placed her daughter and self in danger.

“The story behind Brittany’s Law is a clear example of the likelihood that violent felony offenders will repeat violent crimes when released from prison,” Ra said. “The implementation of this registry could provide law enforcement with an incredibly valuable investigative tool and help prevent innocent members of the community from becoming victims of violent crimes.”

This legislation was introduced to the Assembly in 2011 and, despite its passage in the State Senate, continues to stall on the Assembly floor. During this year’s Legislative session, Brittany’s Law was passed in the Senate and is currently awaiting action from the Assembly Committee on Correction.