Ra Urges Newly Elected Board Of Regents Members To Revitalize New York’s Education System

Following yesterday’s Board of Regents elections, Assemblyman Ed Ra (R-Franklin Square) is optimistic that the new candidates will bring much-needed, fresh perspectives to our education system. Seven members, including four new members, were confirmed to The State Board of Regents in a joint session of the Legislature.

“The Board of Regents has the critical responsibility of directing the path of our children’s education, and it is crucial that we select individuals who are willing to advocate for the needs of students from all across the state,” said Ra. “I am hopeful these new members recognize the drastic need to reform the structure of our state’s education process and system, while also providing an independent voice for New York’s children.”

Ra, the Ranking Minority Member on the Assembly Education Committee, also stated that he is hopeful the new members of the Board of Regents will offer fresh ideologies in the selection process for the next Education Commissioner.

“I encourage all members of the Board of Regents, both new and old, to keep an open mind in the upcoming selection process for New York’s Education Commissioner. Our state’s next leader of education should be a qualified individual who expresses interest in collaborating with educators, parents, and students at the local level to make important decisions and has experience in New York’s public school system,” concluded Ra.