LG Bill Statement

Assemblywoman Marianne Buttenschon announced she voted against A.10135. The measure allows a candidate to decline a designation or nomination for a party position if they’ve been arrested for, charged with, or convicted of a crime. The bill would allow a candidate who has been arrested, charged, or convicted to file paperwork removing their name from the ballot in the period between the nomination and the time ballots are certified before election day.

“I don’t want criminals to win elections, however, we already have laws that prevent convicted felons from holding office in the state of New York. I believe that the voters of New York are wise enough to reject any accused or convicted criminal who runs for elected office. I believe this measure is unnecessary,” said Buttenschon. “Moreover, I think it is remarkably unwise to change our election laws so substantially in an election year. Changing the rules mid-game is irresponsible and unfair. Changing the law governing the election while that election is underway is simply improper. Committing crimes should have consequences, and losing an election is one of those consequences.”