Assemblywoman Buttenschon Held Meeting with State Agencies Regarding Youth in Crisis

Utica  This past Friday, Assemblywoman for the 119th District, Marianne Buttenschon held a meeting with state agencies regarding needs for our youth in crisis. 

The meeting was requesting state agency leadership to address the concerns of our justices, school personnel, family members, and providers when it comes to assisting our youth in crisis. The state agencies that attended were the Division of Integrated Community Services for Children and Families, the Division of State Operated Services, Legislative Coordinators, the Mohawk Valley Psychiatric Center, Children’s Services, the Central New York Field Office, Mohawk Valley Health Systems, and the Central New York Family Resources (CNYFO).

There is an increase in cases where children are in crises and there is a shortage of housing for them. Many of these youths are sent to our local hospitals as a first step and then there is no secure housing for them when they are released.It can be a court matter, a school matter, or a family situation that has escalated.

“We are in need of safe and secure housing for our youth in crisis.” Assemblywoman Buttenschon said.

At least 70% of public schools across the United States have reported an increase in the number of students seeking mental health services at schools since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, data shows (, 2022). Not only do we see mental health cases rising, but we also see criminal activity increasing within our youth.

Further meetings are scheduled with all agencies involved to further address my district’s needs.

“Our youth are in crisis and need help,” Assemblywoman Buttenschon said. “And victims of an incident deserve to know that the youth are receiving treatment.”