Assemblywoman Buttenschon Secures Funding to Support Addiction Treatment

Assemblywoman Marianne Buttenschon (D-Utica/Rome) announced that she helped secure $50,000 in state funding for the Rescue Mission of Utica Addiction Stabilization Center (E.634). Buttenschon was joined by Wendy Goetz from the Rescue Mission at a press conference regarding the funding.

“Opioid addiction has devastated families and communities across the state, and the Mohawk Valley is no exception,” Buttenschon said. “Addiction is a disease, and groups like the Rescue Mission of Utica help give those with substance use disorders the support and treatment they need to recover. I’ll always work to ensure those who are struggling with addiction have somewhere to turn for help, and this funding is a testament to that promise.”

Recovering from addiction is an extremely difficult process – both physically and emotionally – and it can be especially challenging to endure the symptoms of withdrawal alone.[1] The Rescue Mission of Utica Addiction Stabilization Center provides a safe space and services to help individuals with substance use disorders as they recover.[2] The center’s staff offers one-on-one counseling to help develop plans for treatment and recovery. Buttenschon fought to ensure the organization was eligible for state grants as the legislative session came to a close.

“On behalf of The Rescue Mission of Utica, we thank Assemblywoman Buttenschon for acquiring the funding for The Rescue Mission of Utica Addiction Stabilization Center. The Money comes as a huge surprise and blessing for us.” said Goetz.