Assemblywoman Buttenschon: State of the State Proposals Include New Opportunities for the Mohawk Valley

“New Yorkers in the Mohawk Valley and beyond deserve every opportunity to succeed. The State of the State proposals announced earlier today lay out a strong foundation for the future of New York, including several measures that will help move the Mohawk Valley forward.

“The governor’s plan to invest $9 million to establish a small unmanned aerial system (sUAS) experimentation and testing facility at Griffiss International Airport will help boost our local economy, opening up new opportunities for our families and ensuring we’re at the forefront of this burgeoning industry. Reforming antiquated prohibition-era laws to support the state’s growing craft beverage industry will also let more local businesses and entrepreneurs thrive. Additionally, the proposal to establish the ‘Buy America Act,’ which would require all structural steel and iron used in state road and bridge construction with contracts over $1 million to be American-made, will ensure our state is investing in businesses here at home.

“The health and safety of our families will always be my top priority, which is why I support the governor’s proposal to strengthen the relationship between local police and our communities. Promoting trust and faith in our law enforcement will help them keep us safe to the best of their ability. To further protect our neighborhoods, the proposal to ban fentanyl analogs will help us fight the opioid crisis that has devastated far too many communities. I also support the proposal to prevent convicted sex offenders from using social media accounts, dating apps and video game chat functions to keep these horrific predators far away from our children. Another proposal would also establish a method to fight robocalls and nuisance calls that are an annoyance in our daily lives and a risk to our privacy.

“Passing the Equal Rights Amendment, which the Assembly Majority has long supported, will let everyone know that they have a safe, inclusive place to call home. The proposal to increase transparency in health care costs will also help New Yorkers better understand the medical services they’re receiving and navigate this already confusing industry.

“As we start another legislative year, I’ll work hard to build a stronger Mohawk Valley that works for everyone and moves us toward a brighter future.”