Assemblywoman Buttenschon Announces In-House Salon Service for Nursing Homes

Assemblywoman Buttenschon (D, I-Utica/Rome) announced that Adult Care Facilities (ACFs) and Nursing Homes (NH) may resume in-house salon services beginning Friday, November 6, 2020.

After a long battle with the New York State Department of Health regarding the need for nursing home and adult care facilities to resume in-house salon services, the CDC has released guidance that will once again allow patients to have access to salon services inside their facility.

“I have been advocating for the return of in-house services for our residents for some time,” Assemblywoman Buttenschon stated. “For many residents, this is their livelihood. It’s something that makes them feel special and taken care of, which is incredibly important during this time. I have the utmost confidence that our facilities will put this forward in a safe and healthy manner.” 

The CDC guidelines, which include minimum requirements and are based on current best-known public health practices, state that facilities must stay current with any updates and incorporate any hair salon or barbershop operation into their Safety Plan.

Please see information at the following link for updated guidance related to salon services in ACFs and nursing homes: