Supporters Rally for Legislation Exempting All Diapers from Local Sales Taxes

Albany – New York State Assemblyman Nader Sayegh and State Senator Jamaal T. Bailey joined with Diaper Bank Representatives from across New York State Tuesday April 26 to rally support for legislation to exempt all diapers, children's and adult, from any local sales tax. (A.8528/S.8033)

Assemblyman Nader Sayegh said: "The economic hardship brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic made clear that more families are struggling to provide enough dry diapers for their babies, and many Seniors are also struggling financially. Still, many local governments continue to levy sales taxes on diapers, making them more costly for families and Seniors. Additionally, many not for profit diaper banks in our State must raise thousands of dollars to pay local sales taxes on their shipments of diapers, and that's just wrong."

Senator Jamaal T. Bailey said: “Demand for diaper banks surged during the pandemic, and one in three American families struggled to afford diapers even before the pandemic hit. New York’s diaper banks, which are providers of these supplies for people who cannot afford them, are struggling to pay for the supplies themselves. I’m proud to sponsor this bill with Assemblyman Sayegh to exempt diapers from all sales and use taxes. Diapers are a necessity for families regardless of where they live, and counties should not be able to impose further strain on those seeking to access basic necessities. This vital piece of legislation will eliminate an added cost burden for New York families, seniors, and providers and ensure diapers are accessible to all New Yorkers.”

Attending the Don't Tax My Diapers Rally will be Diaper Bank/Baby Pantry representatives from communities across New York, and representatives of the National Diaper Bank Network, a National Organization dedicated to ending diaper need in America. The Network's research finds one in three families in low-income neighborhoods struggle to provide enough dry diapers for their babies.

Infant diaper sales continue to be strong and adult diaper sales are projected to grow significantly over the next five years according to research by Market Data.