Ramos to Discuss Local Health Risks on Assembly Update

Assemblyman Philip Ramos (D-Central Islip) will discuss health risks facing the community on the next Assembly Update, a weekly television program broadcast on local cable access stations. On April 1, Ramos will focus the program on breast cancer issues and new air emissions legislation. "I can’t stress how important it is that our community be informed of the health risks associated with exposure to increased emissions from the Brentwood NYPA facility," Ramos said. "Assembly Update will ensure that we are one step closer to public awareness of this important problem in our area." During the program, Ramos will discuss his new legislation requiring power plants to make air emission violations public within 24 hours. He will also be joined by Elsa Ford of the Brentwood/Bay Shore Breast Cancer Coalition (BBBCC) to discuss local breast cancer rates and the BBBCC’s services. Assembly Update with Assemblyman Ramos and Elsa Ford will air locally:

Thursday, April 1st
1:30 p.m.
Channel 18
Cablevision, Hauppauge
"Our community should be aware of the issues that may threaten their health and well-being, and I urge them to tune into Assembly Update to find out more about those risks," Ramos said.