Assemblyman Ramos Recognizes Emergency Medical Services Week, May 14-20

Assemblyman Philip Ramos (D-Central Islip) honors the outstanding service of Emergency Medical Service workers who provide lifesaving care to our families, neighbors and communities.

“At any time of the day or night, whether in our home or on a highway, we can expect swift and professional care for our medical emergencies,” Ramos said. “As chairman of the Emergency Services Subcommittee I am sponsoring a resolution to recognize the thousands of workers across the state that provide medical and emergency help, either as a career or volunteer. New York has set aside this week, May 14-20, as Emergency Medical Services Week to honor these people. I wholeheartedly join this tribute.”

Statewide, more than 50,000 EMS workers from drivers to doctors to nurses respond to nearly 3 million calls yearly and save countless lives. Locally, the Emergency Medical Services Division of the Suffolk County Department of Health Services provides the teamwork and skill to cover car accidents, fires, heart attacks and other dire trauma. Suffolk’s EMS answers over 100,000 emergency ambulance responses and thousands of calls for advanced life support every year.

“We depend on EMS personnel to be at an accident immediately or to respond in a moment when a family member needs emergency medical help,” Ramos said. “These well-trained and dedicated professionals here in Suffolk County and across the state, are on the front lines everyday and are an indispensable part of our public health system.”

Firefighters also play an invaluable role in emergency care and response. Ramos is also sponsoring legislation to make it easier for firefighters to improve their skills by making training available on video or computer, a measure which passed the Assembly this year (A.5414).

“Not only do firefighters put out dangerous fires, but they also play a vital role in emergency first response,” Ramos continued. “Their contribution to the selfless team that makes up our first responders is invaluable.”

In addition, Ramos supports legislation to:

  • allow volunteer ambulance services to have the same immunities and privileges while performing their duties in neighboring communities, outside the area they regularly serve, as they would within their regular area (A.8974a);
  • ensure that firefighters have the proper training to respond to an emergency (A.10724); and
  • allow volunteer service scholarship winners to study outside of their current volunteer district, with the stipulation they serve their district and the one where they attend classes (A.10279).