Ramos: Keeping the Chicken Coup Out of Brentwood’s Backyard

Ramos and local residents help to prevent chicken farm in Brentwood

Assemblyman Phil Ramos (D-Central Islip) announced that the permit for a poultry farm on Suffolk Avenue in Brentwood has been denied. Landelino and Carlos Dacosta of Hicksville had applied for a permit with the town of Islip to operate at this location, but last week that application was rejected.

Ramos strongly objected to this project because of the negative impact on the community and also received over 800 petitions in opposition from Brentwood residents. He made these voices heard last month when he testified at a town zoning hearing. He noted that this particular location was not conducive to an establishment of this kind and would adversely affect both the environment and the local neighborhoods.

“Because of the dense population of Brentwood, logistically it did not make sense to house a chicken farm and slaughterhouse,” Ramos said. “I am familiar with similar establishments on the east end of Long Island and the impact on the community ranges from poor odor, to unsightly street pollution and additional commotion. Brentwood, having the highest population density in Islip is not the place for this establishment.”

Unfortunately, in recent history the Brentwood community has seen a disproportionate amount of unwanted facilities being housed or built there. From sober homes to juvenile runaway facilities and even the possibility of a new prison, enough is enough.

Ramos also continued efforts to keep the community safe by sponsoring legislation that passed both the Assembly and the Senate which will provide for more accountability and oversight of sober homes (A.10322-C).

“Our community is currently trying to rebuild and attract new local business and this slaughterhouse would have put that in jeopardy,” Ramos continued. “I am pleased to see the community come together to stand up for its best interest and help to make Brentwood a better place to live and work.”