Ramos: Governor’s Budget a Good First Step

Assemblyman Philip Ramos (D-Central Islip) pledges to take a close look at the governor’s budget proposal to make sure that Suffolk County receives its fair share before the budget is enacted.

“While the budget proposes a record increase for school aid, I want to make sure that our schools do not get short changed,” Ramos said. “For far too long our schools have not been getting their fair share. That is why since I have been elected, I have fought to bring home more state aid to our school districts. This year will be not different”

Ramos said the budget reflects many of the priorities that the he has championed for years, including, more funding for universal pre-K, reduced class sizes, creating a new formula to help high-need schools and investing in public libraries.

“The changes that the governor proposed will help our children throughout their education. Ramos said. “It will better prepare them for college and to compete in the changing world that we live in. The Governor is right to say we need to raise the bar on what we expect from our schools.”

The governor’s plan for education includes what he calls Contracts for Excellence – agreements between the state and school officials that will help ensure that principals and superintendents are doing all they can to improve the standards and success of our schools.

“This Contract for Excellence sends a clear message that failure is not an option,” Ramos said. “We live in a world where education is everything. That is why I have been committed to seeing that our children get their fair share of state aid, so they can get the education they rightly deserve.

“There will now be Legislative public hearings on this budget,” Ramos added. “I will begin to take a close look at Governor Spitzer’s education proposals, and I will fight as hard as I have in the past for our fair share.”