Ramos Announces Community Meeting on Proposed LITRIM Facility

Meeting set for Saturday, March 8 at Brentwood high school

Assemblyman Phil Ramos (D-Central Islip) announced that he will be holding a community meeting on the proposed Long Island Truck Rail Intermodal (LITRIM) facility in Brentwood. “Over the past year there has been overwhelming public opposition to this plan in the thousands of letters I’ve received and in public hearings I’ve held and attended,” Ramos said. “Residents clearly do not want their neighborhoods becoming industrialized.” The community meeting is a continuation of Ramos’ efforts to stop the LITRIM facility from becoming a reality. Ramos has previously held a series of meetings with local activists and spearheaded a well attended town hall style meeting that brought together residents, community leaders, business owners, and advocates for the environment. Ramos was also instrumental in extending a hearing period that allowed the DOT to hear comments and complaints from a larger number of concerned citizens in the area. Ramos has also introduced legislation that would effectively halt the Department of Transportation (DOT) plan to establish the truck rail facility in Brentwood (A.9870). The bill would transfer the land slated to be used for the project to the Edgewood Oak Brush Plains Preserve. “On Long Island, we really value our quality of life and our open spaces and I don’t want to see trucks and rail yards stacked up right next to the Edgewood Preserve” Ramos said. “I imagine this area as becoming part of the Preserve, where kids and families can go and spend a day, not a rail yard with trucks and machinery going all night.”

Community meeting on the proposed LITRIM facility Brentwood High School
Ross Auditorium
Saturday, March 8
7 P.M.