Ramos Legislation Passes Assembly as Part of Tough Gun Safety Package

Assemblyman Phil Ramos (D- Central Islip) announced today the Assembly has passed a number of tough gun bills which he sponsored. The legislation is aimed at helping law enforcement officers track down illegal guns, keep guns out of the hands of felons and children, and ban advanced weaponry used to kill police officers.

“Gun violence is incredibly senseless. Gun violence kills innocent victims, ruins lives, shatters families, and destroys the futures of countless people,” said Ramos, a former police officer. “Our community has seen its fair share of gun violence and it’s clear that we need tougher laws to crack down on criminals who use guns.”

Included in the package of legislation is the Children’s Weapon Accident Prevention Act (A.76-A) which Ramos sponsored. That bill would create the new crime of failing to secure weapons safely and directs the commissioner of education to develop a weapons-safety program for schoolchildren.

Another bill sponsored by Ramos included in the package would expand the definition of a “disguised gun” to include guns designed and intended to appear to be toy guns by displaying a color finish other than the original manufacture color, a decorative pattern or plastic-like surface (A.2868). Ramos sponsored that bill in response to a Wisconsin based company which recently unleashed a “Bloomberg Collection” of brightly colored paints for guns.

“Making guns appear as toys is a catastrophe waiting to happen,” said Ramos. “When law enforcement officers are confronted with a situation involving a weapon, a split second hesitation can lead to a very sad ending.”

Ramos also sponsored bills which would: ban the use of “cop killer” ammo, including armor piercing and frangible bullets (A.3447); ban the sale, use or possession of 50-caliber or larger weapons (A.2772-A); and better keep track of illegal firearms (A.8700-B).