Assemblyman Ramos Attends ‘Granny Law’ Bill Signing

Assemblyman Philip Ramos (D-Central Islip) joined Governor Paterson at the bill signing ceremony for a bill to protect seniors from abuse. The measure, dubbed “Granny’s Law” will increase the penalty to second-degree assault – a violent felony – if a person 65 years or older is assaulted by someone more than 10 years younger, helping to curb predatory attacks by those who target seniors (A.9818).

The bill was sponsored by Ramos and was introduced in response to the brutal beating last year of 101- year-old Rose Morat of Queens.

“Only the worst type of people would brutally attack our parents and grandparents in such a way, but the current laws are nothing more than a slap on the wrist,” Ramos said. “This law will set the record straight that any thug who attacks a senior will be severely punished.”

The legislation continues Ramos’ efforts to meet the need of Suffolk County’s growing senior population. Ramos pointed out that at least 30,000 seniors every year in New York are victims of some sort of abuse or exploitation. A low number he said as most incidents never get reported.

“As a former police officer I’ve seen how thieves and criminals target seniors,” said Ramos. “These criminals are the worst kind of cowards and under this law they would be strictly and swiftly punished.”