Governor's Veto Handcuffs Suffolk School Boards

Executive wants to deny schools extra time to make difficult decisions

Governor Pataki made the wrong choice when he proposed the largest school aid cut in state history. His cuts would result in $150 million less for Suffolk schools, eliminating many school programs such as pre-kindergarten. Districts like Brentwood and Central Islip will be hit the hardest since they have not gotten their fair share within the past few years. To add insult to injury, today, the governor vetoed a bill that would have rescheduled school budget voting to June 3. This bipartisan measure – which passed the Assembly unanimously and the Senate by 60-1 – would have given school boards some much-needed breathing room in an exceptionally difficult year. Instead, the governor is forcing voters to blindly decide on school budgets. Let there be no doubt, I am calling for an override of the governor’s callous veto and will continue my fight to restore the governor’s education cuts and right his wrong choices.