Assemblyman Ramos: Salvadorans Should Be Allowed to Stay

“For nearly two decades, over 260,000 people from El Salvador have called the U.S. home after a devastating earthquake and ensuing food shortages, widespread poverty and violence ravaged their native country. They have lived, worked, started businesses, paid taxes and raised families here. The Trump administration’s reckless decision to terminate Temporary Protected Status (TPS) will tear families apart, sending people back to a country that can’t sustain them.

“El Salvador is still rebuilding from the effects of that earthquake. Salvadoran immigrants have since built lives here, contributing to our economy and to the richness of our communities. My district is home to one of the largest Salvadoran communities in the country. These are our neighbors and friends and I won’t back down from fighting for all our families. Ripping away TPS is inhumane and goes against what this nation stands for.”