Assemblyman Ramos: President Trump’s Anti-Immigrant Remarks are Egregious and Un-American

"The reportedly outrageous and racist comments made by President Trump about Haitian and African immigrants and their countries should serve as a wake-up call to all Americans. Our country has always been a beacon of freedom and goodwill but is now viewed by the world as a purveyor of hate that breaks international agreements and uses tyrannical tactics to attack and marginalize the press. Is this what we want for our country? How long will we as Americans stand idly by while we watch the daily erosion of what we stand for as a nation?

"Time and time again, President Trump has proven that he is unfit to hold the highest office in the land. These latest, alleged comments should serve as the final straw. Even the president himself can surely no longer believe that he speaks for the American people or that he is an effective leader. Racism and bigotry are always dangerous, but when they come from the White House and can be channeled into national policy, they become an imminent threat to all of us and to the very foundation and principles of our country. Should these allegations in fact be true, President Trump should resign.

“All Americans should reflect on the better angels of their nature and call for an end to the circus that has besieged the Oval Office.

"I pray that the American people can restore the integrity of our nation. As New Yorkers, our state is home to the Statue of Liberty, which stands as a proud symbol of our shared dream of free country where the pursuit of happiness is an absolute right for all, regardless of race or national origin. For us more than anyone, this is our call to band together, arm in arm, to show that we will not be divided by hate and intolerance."