Assemblyman Colton Honors Outstanding Community Women for The 2022 Women of Distinction Award

Assemblyman William Colton (D – Gravesend, Bensonhurst, Bath Beach, and Dyker Heights) Sunday, March 27, 2022, in conjunction with UPDC President Nino Magali and 47th Assembly District Leaders Charles Ragusa and Nancy Tong hosted an astonishing 2022 Women of the Distinction Award ceremony and luncheon. Over 100 people came to celebrate the Women of Distinction event.

“For many years my office has been recognizing a number of distinguished women in our neighborhood and it become a tradition. But unfortunately, three years ago COVID -19 has put our lives on hold. We were not able to continue hosting this great event and honor many well deserved women from various backgrounds," Colton stated.

 "This year we were able to host the event in person and honor so many great women for their achievements. I am very proud that the 2022 Women of the Distinction Award ceremony was so diversified, and we had so many extraordinary women as our honorees. I was also astonished by the performance of the Pesvebi Georgian Cultural Center. It was a tremendous turnout. Everyone had a great time. Without women, the world would be meaningless. Once again, this March 27 affair showed that no matter what your background is, if we work together and learn more about each other’s culture, it will keep us all unified,” The event was a grand success and I am looking forward to the next year celebration," Colton continued.

What are Women of Distinction? Every year, we hear about Women's Day and Women's History Month. They are role models and heroes in our everyday lives and society. Today, we honor our worthy Women of Distinction for their outstanding services, excellent representation in government, time, efforts, and day-to-day enrichment within our communities. A woman can be seen in the goals and aspirations she sets, not only for herself but for her community. A woman is not the anchor to hold you back nor the sail to take you there, but a guiding light whose love, hard work, and compassion will show you the way! It is to the many women not just sitting in this very room but, in our society, that we thank! Today, this room is full of women who proudly carry various titles, and the title may be mother and grandmother. I, for one, am blessed to hold a few titles. However, I take great pride in being a mother to my 5-year-old daughter, Yassmin, and this role allows me to instill values that will impact her development of self-respect and confidence. Many who have had the opportunity to meet my daughter will understand when I say I seriously believe she will make changes in the future. I foresee her becoming an attorney, a judge, or even a politician, someone who can and will advocate with a heart full of passion. I am proud of how far I have come, but I am nowhere near the finish line,” said UPDC President Nino Magali.