Assemblyman Colton Is Outraged That Insurance Companies Are Taking Advantage of Homeowners by Denying Sewer Backup Coverage

Assemblyman William Colton (D – Gravesend, Bensonhurst, Bath Beach, and Dyker Heights) is outraged at insurance companies denying sewer backup coverage to their policyholders.

“I am furious and strongly believe that it is wrong for the insurance companies to take advantage of the policyholders by denying sewer backup claims and at the same time charge them an extra premium for the sewer backup, just because drain backups occurred at the same time that a flood was declared. The cause of the backup might have been inadequate sewer lines, clogged city sewer lines, or clogged catch basins,” Colton stated.

“FEMA has declared a flood emergency even though the sewer backups occurred where floodwater was not on a block of homeowners but water from the sewer system entered the premises backing up from such outlets as toilets or basins,” Colton continued.

“A letter was sent to Governor Hochul to use her power as Governor to get insurance companies to honor claims of hard-pressed homeowners. Therefore, I demand that the city must execute regular maintenance of clogged sewer lines. The DEP is obliged to schedule a vacuuming out the bottoms of the city sewers and catch basins to avoid the assurance of severe leaks when there is heavy rainfall,” Colton added.