Elected Official and Community Leader Get the Job Done!

Assemblyman William Colton, along with community activist Tony Eisenberg, help to improve conditions at Bensonhurst Park

Litter-filled grass, open paint cans stored in the park house, and overall deteriorating conditions at Bensonhurst Park, located on Cropsey Avenue at the corner of Bay Parkway, got the attention of a local elected official and a community activist.

"Constituents were telling me that the park attendant was storing open paint cans in the park house causing a whole host of safety hazards," said Assemblyman William Colton (D-Bensonhurst/Gravesend). "It is unconscionable how anyone can leave open cans of paint laying around releasing fumes that can lead to a sequence of health ailments," the lawmaker added.

Patrons of the park also contacted community leader Tony Eisenberg who toured the park to get a close-hand look at the conditions there. "Many people, particularly senior citizens, complained that in the last couple of years the conditions at the park have worsened and that it is being neglected by the city," said Eisenberg. The concerned activist gathered petitions from park patrons, and along with Assemblyman Colton, brought it to the attention of the Parks Department.

"I personally met with Julius Spiegel [Brooklyn Commissioner of the Parks Department] and told him that we must band together to reach a positive result for this park and the community that takes pleasure in using it," continued Eisenberg. Immediately following the meeting with Commissioner Spiegel, Parks Department officials sent crews out to Bensonhurst Park to undertake an entire clean up of the area. They removed all paint cans to the delight of seniors who regularly use the park house for recreational activity. Assemblyman Colton stated, "When you have a concerned community, activists who care about the community like Tony, and caring elected officials-the odds are you are going to see good results." The Bensonhurst/Gravesend legislator urges anyone with information regarding other poor park conditions to contact his office at (718) 236-1598.