Assemblyman Colton Announces $$$ for Heating Bill Assistance

Assemblyman William Colton (47-AD) announced that his Community Office staff at 211 Kings Highway is prepared to help Seniors and Low Income Families obtain one time Heartshare/Keyspan Neighborhood Heating Funds starting December 13, 2004, as well as HEAP grants to help pay their heating bills.

"This is a wonderful opportunity to get some of your heating bills paid, not once but twice because eligible HEAP recipients are encouraged to also apply for the Neighborhood Heating Fund which offers assistance up to $250," said Assemblyman Colton. "It is possible to receive both HEAP and Neighborhood Heating Funds and my staff has the applications to help you process the forms."

Applicants should bring with them proof of income and a Brooklyn Union Gas Bill. The amount granted if approved will be credited to the applicant's account the next week. Grants are up to $250 not beyond. If an applicant's bill is up to $500, they will only be credited $250 by KeySpan. If their bill is $120, they will only be credited $120. Note, that not only KeySpan customers can apply, oil, coal or steam customers can also apply and the fund is only applicable to one and two family dwellings, as well as to apartment dwellers who pay for their own heat. The heating fund is a one time grant. Applicants are only allowed to apply once a year. After application is sent in, it takes a week for the applicant to be notified of the status of the application and for payment to be credited; payment is sent directly to the heat provider, not the applicant.

The Neighborhood Heating Fund was founded by KeySpan energy in 1983 to help low-income families and people with elevated bills meet their monthly payments. In 1995, HeartShare Human Services were asked to administer the funds: Together KeySpan Energy and HeartShare aid 1200 families every heating season, which is December through March.

The Bensonhurst/Gravesend Assemblyman added "All applicants who fall within the HEAP guidelines are qualified for the Neighborhood Heating Fund, but warned… both heating grants have limited funding and once available funds are used up, no benefits will be issued and the programs will close for the year, so I urge everyone that is eligible to come to my community office and apply immediately!"

For more information, contact Jeanette Givant at Assemblyman Colton's Community Office, 211 Kings Highway, Brooklyn, NY 11223 or call (718) 236-1598