Assemblyman Colton to Con Ed and DOT: ‘Let There be Light’

Assemblyman Colton (47th AD-D), upset with the darkness that is prevailing through many of streets in the neighborhood, has sent letters to the Department of Transportation (DOT) and to Con Ed to complain.

"There have been street lights out for months and DOT and Con Ed has been passing the buck to each other and no one is turning on the lights, our streets are dark and dangerous" states Assemblyman Colton.

Assemblyman Colton’s staff has sent street light repair requests to DOT as well as Con Ed but to no avail – the darkened streets remain dark. "Reports have been given to 311, and we were given confirmation numbers, but that’s all we got – numbers and plenty of darkness. What’s going on here, who’s supposed to fix the lights?" asks the Bensonhurst Gravesend legislator.

Colton refers to a West 3rd St complaint reported on Nov. 2, # 3000447 to 311. The report said "the job was completed, the lamp was repaired and the wiring was replaced" however, the lamppost is still dark. Colton reports that on busy Cropsey Avenue between 25th and 26th Avenue there are a string of lights that are not lit. Reports were sent to DOT of outages in front of 1520 West 11th Street and on West 9th Street between Quentin Road and Kings Highway.

Assemblyman Colton says it outrageous that the city takes so long to repair these street lights. "It’s one thing for the city not to be aware of a problem, but when they’re informed of a problem they should tend to it immediately and let there be light."

The Assemblyman intends to reach out to the community to ask residents to report any outages of street lamps to be repaired to his community office at 211 Kings Highway. Assemblyman Colton will monitor the complaints with detailed information as to who, when, and where the complaint was made, the complaint number and how long it took to repair the problem. Assemblyman Colton is asking residents "If you know of a street light that is not lit, or have reported it to a city agency and it still hasn’t been repaired, please call Mike Andronico at my office 718 236-1598 with the location and case number."