Assemblyman Colton Supports NYPD Commissioner Kelly's Commitment to Tolerance and Continued Leadership

“The way NYC Police Commissioner Ray Kelly handled this recent firestorm about the controversial video shown to police officers confirms why I believe he should stay on and finish his tenure as police chief.

His recognition of the issue and his apology reflect a person who has always been very sensitive and responsive to the needs of city residents.

Let us not forget and overlook his strong record of keeping the city safe from terrorist acts. I believe he is the most effective and experienced police commissioner in the country in coordinating counter-terrorism efforts and fighting crime in general.

I trust Mayor Bloomberg’s judgment on keeping his distinguished police commissioner on the job.

Let us move on from this issue and convert it to a teachable moment for our city on the need for greater tolerance and understanding."

Assemblyman William Colton currently represents the neighborhoods of Bensonhurst and Gravesend in Brooklyn. He serves as Chair of the Majority Conference in the NY Assembly.