Assemblyman Colton Introducing Legislation to Change the Bail Reform Law to Include Hate Crimes on the List

Assemblyman Colton (D – Gravesend, Bensonhurst, Bath Beach, and Dyker Heights) introducing legislation to change the bail reform law to include hate crimes on the list of crimes where the Judge will have the discretion to set bail. An act is to amend the criminal procedure law, in relation to including hate crimes in the list of offenses as to which the court has the discretion to release the principal pending trial, fix bail or commit the principal to the custody of the sheriff, and to repeal certain provisions of such law relating thereto.

"Hate crime has been on the rise in New York City since bail reform became law. There are too many incidents of hate crimes and it became a great concern.Hate crimes must be stopped and that is why I am introducing legislation to include hate crimes in those authorizing judges to set bail in such cases. The right message must be sent regarding all hate crimes. The bail laws must be changed to not to release those committing such crimes. I am glad that Mayor de Blasio has become conscious and said that the state’s controversial bail reform law should be reconsidered for hate crimes and praised the rogue judge who tried to lock up an accused synagogue vandal in the incident that took place May 3, 2021," Colton stated.

"Hate crimes attack not only the victim but also the very fabric that holds our society together. It is unacceptable that a person caught in the act and who faces over forty hate crime charges be released without bail. An attack on a synagogue or a mosque or a church is hate in its most hateful form. It sends a bad message for the law to classify it as not eligible for a person to be held on bail. I am determined to introduce legislation to change that," Colton continued.