Assemblyman Colton Is Outraged with Mayor De Blasio’s Executive Budget Plan to Cut $67 Million in CUNY Funding

Assemblyman William Colton (D – Gravesend, Bensonhurst, Bath Beach, and Dyker Heights) is outraged with the Mayor’s Executive Budget plan to cut $67 million in CUNY funding.

“With the deadline of the Fiscal Year 2022 budget which is a week away and must be passed before June 30th, Mayor de Blasio decides to pull another of his bizarre stunts and propose crucial cuts in the CUNY's budget for the new fiscal year, which will begin July 1st. Education is an opportunity for success for many New Yorkers and it's very important for low-income families. The proposed cuts will prevent many from accessing necessary resources in becoming academically successful. Therefore, de Blasio must modify his proposal,” Colton stated.

 “I strongly urge the NYC Council to reject the proposed cuts in the proposed city budget for CUNY. In what the Mayor proposes as a $98.6 Billion City Budget, it is unconscionable to leave out our CUNY students who are our hope for the economic future of our city. CUNY is the best economic engine we have. Hundreds of thousands of families have moved out of poverty to attain the American Dream. Sure, the City Administration must not ignore their value and their needs in these post-COVID times,” Colton continues.

 “On the state level, we fought hard to win the increase TAP eligible grants, the 20% increase in opportunity programs, the rejecting of tuition increases, and more critical maintenance capital grants for CUNY. Our job is to prevent the Mayor from completing his term which is a few months away without causing more damages to our city and especially education. The City Council must stand strong and stop the 67 million-dollar cuts to CUNY proposed by the Mayor,” Colton added.