Assemblyman Colton’s Zoom Discussion Regarding Hate Crime Attacks in the Community

Assemblyman William Colton (D – Gravesend, Bensonhurst, Bath Beach, and Dyker Heights) together with the Chinese American Social Service Center Chair Dr. Law had sponsored a very successful zoom meeting on hate crime attacks which became a very critical issue in our community and the entire country. Imam Ahmed Ali from Iqra Masjid attended the zoom meeting alone with and many other community leaders.

“At the meeting, we discussed different approaches on how to prevent the hate attacks. First, we must make people be aware of what to do to keep them safe from the attacks, be aware of who is around them, and avoid walking on dark isolated paths. If you feel threatened or in danger, then stay in the area with a lot of people and call 911. Second, our schools should initiate programs teaching the history and contributions of all groups, including Asian American. Bensonhurst has always been a neighborhood with families from all over the globe and the more we know of the history and contributions of all groups, the more we will work together and look out for and protect each other,” Colton stated.

 “I came up with a swift solution for the vulnerable seniors where I am giving out whistles at the senior centers for seniors to attract attention if they are in danger. I am asking bystanders to call 911 immediately if they see someone in danger of being attacked. Victims should always report any attack to police by calling 911,” Colton said.

 “I have introduced legislation in Albany to amend the Bail Reform Laws to make it clear that hate crimes are added to the list of crimes in which a Judge is given the power to hold the person on bail. Also, it should be made clear to Judges that under Kendra’s law, which is already the law in NY, the Judge has the power to hold in custody for mental observation and, if found necessary, involuntary treatment, any persons whose behavior gives the Judge reason to believe the person is mentally ill and poses a danger to themselves or others in the public,” Colton added.