Assemblyman Colton is Calling on All New York City's Parents to Oppose the Mayor’s Decision to Abolish the Gifted & Talented Program

Assemblyman William Colton (D – Gravesend, Bensonhurst, Bath Beach, and Dyker Heights) is alerting parents that Mayor de Blasio has made the announcement today Friday, October 8, 2021, that he is eliminating the G&T Program, on a Friday before a holiday weekend when important new events are not generally announced, to avoid facing the press. NYC's Chancellor Porter played a big role in convincing Mayor de Blasio to revamp the system by ending the public school G&T Program in its current structure.The city intends to roll out the plan fully in December of 2021, the Mayor's final days in office...Assemblyman Colton is calling on all the New York City's parents to oppose Mayor's decision to abolish the Gifted & Talented Program.

"This pronouncement was made without any engagement with parents and it seeks to tie the hands of the next Mayor. It is a disgrace that in this year where the State Legislature budgeted additional billions of dollars to reimburse NYC for decades of shortchanging, not only has that the Mayor’s clueless Department of Education failed to expand all of those programs which would enable it to develop the programs which will meet the unique needs of all children, included our many gifted children, but nowthey decided to eliminate Gifted and Talented classes, while also failing to reduce class size or to expand successful programs to meet the individual needs of all its children. It ignores time-tested educational techniques which show policies must engage parents in best meeting the unique needs of all the children, whether such needs helping underperforming students with creative remedial programs,assisting students with special needs through the actual implementing of individualized educational plans to meet their needs, transitioning ESL students with bilingual programs, or enriching music and arts to stimulate students with programs designed for advancing their cultural talents, etc.," Colton stated.

 “As a former public school teacher and longtime leader in advocating for restoring the billions of dollars to high-needs schools like NYC, I condemn the sneak attack on public schools Gifted and Talented Programs, which threatens to drive tens of thousands of students out of the public schools. We cannot let them do this to our children, who are the future of our city. Therefore, I am calling on all New York City's parents to stage citywide and local rallies, to protest against the NYC DOE plan to cancel the successful Gifted and Talented Programs. NYC Mayor and NYC Chancellor must provide educational excellence for all the children, and not fail their education or discourage them to succeed in life. As an elected official my job is to advocate for people's rights and I promise that I will lead this fight and we will prevail. Together we can reverse Mayor's decision and demand to restore G&T Programs and other programs that reach out to meet all children's unique needs," Colton said.