Paterson Includes Paulin’s Library Bill in Budget Amendments

Governor Paterson recently announced that Assemblywoman Paulin’s library cooperative bidding bill (A.6154b) will be included in his amendment to the budget. This legislation permits public libraries and library systems to engage in cooperative competitive bidding for shared services, equipment and supplies. The legislature will have the chance to vote on the measure as part of the budget.

“This bill is needed now more than ever as funding for libraries continues to be cut, while the demand for services is increasing,” said Assemblywoman Paulin. “The bill will enable libraries to share services, and bid cooperatively, which will save money for both taxpayers and libraries. It’s a win-win. I’m glad to see that the governor recognizes the importance of this bill and I hope that my colleagues agree when it comes up for a vote.”

Currently, public libraries and library systems are not permitted to pool their joint needs for services, equipment and supplies together for cooperative bidding purposes. According to Paulin, the bill will implement proven strategies that would enhance the cost-effective delivery of library services. As it is now, each library is required to go out on its own to get bids for services and supplies, reducing their ability to get bulk discounting or better pricing that would be available through cooperative purchasing or joint bidding.

“The New York Library Association (NYLA) is pleased the governor included language in the executive budget that allows libraries and library systems to engage in cooperative bidding, a cost savings measure that is currently available to towns, villages and school districts,” said Michael J. Borges, executive director of NYLA. “The library community appreciates the efforts of our legislative friends, Assemblymember Amy Paulin and Senator Suzi Oppenheimer, for sponsoring this initiative that will save libraries and their tax payers money at a time when state funding for library services has suffered repeated cuts.”