New Law Will Help Local Libraries and Save Taxpayer Dollars

Albany – Governor Paterson has signed Assemblywoman Amy Paulin’s library aid bill into law. The measure will allow libraries to join together to request bids on equipment and services. Before the bill was passed, libraries could not cooperatively request bids. The move will allow local libraries to purchase goods and services in bulk, which will save taxpayers money during these tough economic times. “Our libraries are a pillar of our communities. We have to do everything we can to preserve and grow these places of education, self-help and lifelong learning,” said Assemblywoman Paulin.

State and local library officials are hailing the new law as a victory for our communities and taxpayers. “Given the decrease in state funding for library services as demand has risen during these tough economic times, this legislation will make the remaining funding go much further by allowing libraries and library systems to pool their purchasing power to get discounts on products and services and thereby saving them and their taxpayers money,” said Michael Borges, Executive Director of the New York Library Association.

In response to the bill being signed by the governor, Terry Kirchner, Westchester Library System’s Executive Director said, "The bill’s two sponsors, Assemblywoman Paulin and Senator Oppenheimer, have been advocates of Westchester’s libraries for many years. We are extremely grateful for their ongoing support and tireless efforts.”