Assemblywoman Amy Paulin to Host Public Forum on Surrogacy Bill with Senator Brad Hoylman

SCARSDALE, N.Y. – New York State Assemblywoman Amy Paulin (D-88), in conjunction with State Senator Brad Hoylman (D-27), will be hosting a public forum on March 3 to discuss The Child-Parent Security Act (A.6701/S.4617). The forum will take place at The Legislative Office Building, Hearing Room B, in Albany beginning at 10 a.m.

The Child-Parent Security Act (CPSA) would clearly define who a child’s parents are and would permit enforceable compensated gestational carrier agreements so that New Yorkers needing the assistance of a gestational carrier can have their children right here without having to go to another state. It would also allow intended parents to be recognized as the legal parents of their children from the time of birth.

The purpose of the forum is to discuss the impact the legislation would have on the lives of parents, children, gestational carriers and gamete donors. This issue was highlighted in a Feb. 20 New York Times article which details the challenges Hoylman and his husband, David Sigal, faced when having their daughter.

“I had fertility issues when I was attempting to get pregnant with my second child,” Paulin said. “So I am well aware of the pain and suffering that is attached to wanting a child. This bill would allow families to avoid much of that pain by giving them the opportunity to have a family in New York and not travel around the country, incurring exorbitant costs simply because they want to be parents.

“We have some of the most restrictive surrogacy laws in the country and I think it’s time that changed.”

Compensated gestational carrier agreements are illegal in New York and subject to criminal penalties, making it the only state to hand out such harsh punishment. Currently in New York, the gestational carrier is considered to be the legal parent upon birth of the child even though she is not the biological mother nor has any intention of assuming parental responsibility.

“It’s time New York State laws caught up with today’s IVF technology that allows infertile and same-sex couples and individuals to have children through gestational surrogacy,” Hoylman said. “As the parent of a child born to a surrogate in California, I wish my husband and I could have experienced the journey of surrogacy without having to travel across the country, but I’m hopeful that through our work in Albany, soon others will have this amazing opportunity to become parents here in New York.”

“It’s time for New York laws to match current medical technologies and family dynamics,” Empire State Pride Agenda Executive Director Nathan M. Schaefer said. “That’s why we’re advocating for the passage of the Child-Parent Security Act, which would not only allow for gestational carrier agreements like 45 other states permit, but also establish clear guidelines for intended parents to gain legal guardianship from the time their child is born. Most importantly, this bill would protect our children from dangling in legal limbo and keep a family unit fully and legally protected.”

Anyone wishing to testify at the forum, either in person or via written submission must submit a reply form no later than Feb. 25. Call 518-455-5585 or contact Stephanie Amann at to arrange for a time to testify.