Statement from Assemblymember Jo Anne Simon on the Mass Subway Shooting in Sunset Park

Brooklyn, NY - New York State Assemblymember Jo Anne Simon (D, WFP - AD 52) released the following statement regarding yesterday’s mass shooting on the subway in Sunset Park:

“Yesterday morning, subway commuters in Sunset Park experienced many people’s worst fears: that a gunman might open fire in a crowded subway car. I am thankful that there were no deaths. But the injuries and trauma to the shooting victims will endure, as will the trauma caused to those commuters who escaped injury, and to New Yorkers collectively. This mass shooting and the shooting of three others later that day in Bedford Stuyvesant is part of a recent wave of gun violence in our city and our country demonstrating how vulnerable we all are to the over-proliferation of guns throughout our society.

In New York State, we have very strict laws limiting the ability of New Yorkers to legally purchase, own, and carry guns – and they have helped ensure New York has one of the lowest rates of gun deaths in the country, according to Pew Research Center. However, guns in New York City are most frequently trafficked in through the Iron Pipeline from other states with lax gun laws.We need effective and comprehensive federal gun violence prevention laws to counter this illegal trafficking of firearms into New York City and New York State.

These events also demonstrate why New York’s laws limiting the concealed carrying of firearms are needed to protect the public.The last two years have been extraordinarily stressful for our country and New Yorkers, and COVID has disproportionately impacted those who are marginalized, economically at risk, and too often housing and food insecure. Economic desperation and stress and trauma from COVID are linked to the uptick in gun violence, which is facilitated by the fact that guns are just too easy to get.

The NYS Rifle and Pistol Association, an NRA affiliate, has challenged the constitutionality of one of the most important laws that has kept New Yorkers safe for a century. The Supreme Court is expected to rule on this case this summer. We should all be very clear that a finding of unconstitutionality is unacceptable and would make all New Yorkers extremely vulnerable, particularly in public places like subways, train stations and airports, houses of worship, bars, and other places.We need to organize, organize, organize to keep that from happening.Connect with Moms Demand Action Against Gun Violence or New Yorkers Against Gun Violence or Gays Against Guns.

I am thankful to all of the commuters who stepped in to help their fellow passengers, and the MTA workers and first responders.”