Simpson Joins Charge Against Squatter Threat in New York Communities

A Statement from Assemblyman Matt Simpson (R,C-Horicon)

Assemblyman Matt Simpson (R,C-Horicon) and his Assembly Minority colleagues are taking a stand against the growing threat of squatters infiltrating New York neighborhoods. In response to recent alarming incidents, including the tragic murder of a New York woman by squatters who were occupying an apartment left behind by her deceased mother, and the unjust arrest of another woman who was charged with unlawful eviction after changing the locks on her property that was also being occupied by squatters, Assembly Bill 6894 has been proposed to address the issue. Bill 6894 aims to add “squatting” to the definition of criminal trespass, providing landlords with the legal recourse needed to remove unauthorized occupants from their properties.

“Squatters are tormenting homeowners and abusing legal loopholes at the expense of property owners. It's imperative we protect the rights of landlords and uphold the sanctity of property ownership. Squatting not only undermines property rights but also poses significant risks to public safety and community well-being. We must ensure property owners have the necessary tools to safeguard their investments and maintain safe living environments,” said Simpson.