Assembly Member Benedetto Announces 800k in Funding for NYPD to Acquire a Specialized Tow Truck to Remove Tractor Trailers from Northeast Bronx

Bronx, NY The issue of tractor-trailers parking on residential streets has long plagued many Bronx communities. Despite legislative efforts to raise penalties, the problem persists as companies write off parking violations as cheaper than hotel and storage costs and thus are the cost of doing business. Furthermore, enforcement efforts can be hampered due to the relative few amount of large tow trucks the New York Police Department (NYPD) has to enforce parking regulations and remove these trucks from City streets.

As a part of an ongoing effort to address this issue and improve his constituents’ quality of life, Assembly Member Michael Benedetto (D-Bronx), announced today that he was nominating the NYPD for an approximate $800,000 grant to purchase an additional tractor-trailer that would be dedicated to the Northeast Bronx. 

“This has been a longstanding problem in my community,” said Assembly Member Benedetto. “These problematic tractor-trailers are more than just unsightly, they also block roadways creating danger for motorists and pedestrians alike, strain weight requirements and infrastructure on local streets, contribute to emission pollution, and take up valuable parking spots. Now is the time to take bolder measures and I’m pleased to make this award so we can start to get serious about cracking down and eliminating this problem once and for all.”

The Assembly Member identified several roadways within his district and off of highways that will benefit from increased enforcement this tow truck will provide including the Bruckner Boulevard Service Road between Middletown and Wilkinson Avenue in Country Club, the Cross Bronx Expressway Service Road between Lafayette and Randall Avenues in Throggs Neck, and Baychester Avenue by the Conner Street Exit in Co-op City, among others.

“We appreciate the Assembly Member making this allocation,” said Bob Bieder, President of the 45th Precinct Community Council, Inc.“Illegal commercial parking has long plagued our area and it is my hope that with this new NYPD tow truck, we can get serious about enforcement.”

The grant, which will go through the State and Municipal (SAM) Facilities Program, has already received preliminary approval.It is estimated the truck will be purchased within the next year.

Additionally, photos of the dozen-plus tractor-trailers that were along the roadway today are also available upon request.