Assembly Members Benedetto and Fernandez Unveil New Legislation Aimed to Rein in Rodman’s Neck Operations and Restore Quality of Life to East Bronx Coastal Communities

Bronx, New York For decades, the NYPD Rodman’s Neck Shooting Range has been an issue of concern to the coastal communities of the eastern Bronx. In recent years, meetings with New York City representatives have sometimes generated more questions than answers and the proposed reconstruction of the Range has suffered from a range of delays and setbacks.

In an effort to compel the City of New York to finally be true to its word as well as provide peace of mind to his constituents, Assembly Member Michael R. Benedetto will be unveiling Assembly Bill 10613. This legislation, cosponsored by Assembly Member Nathalia Fernandez, is designed to address the many issues associated with the Range and clear up confusion on some longstanding matters- including noise pollution, hours of operation, and environmental concerns. The bill also seeks to place requirements on the facilities bomb detonation area, which has plagued the community for some time and where improvements have yet to be proposed by the NYPD.

“Issues with Rodman’s Neck range have been longstanding and my constituents have been more than patient,” expressed Assembly Member Benedetto. “In the Nineties, the State alienated parkland to the City and in turn, the City promised to address residents’ environmental and noise concerns. Thirty years later, this has yet to happen and I think it’s time for the State to step back in and codify its expectations under the penalty of law. Furthermore, my bill will undertake a first-of-its-kind environmental study so we can have clarity about any health concerns associated with the Range.”

“I’m proud to stand alongside Assembly Member Benedetto to put forth legislation that will improve quality of life for our East Bronx communities. Today marks real progress in the movement to reduce noise pollution in Rodman’s Neck and serves as an important reminder of the change we can achieve when the community and government work together," said Assembly Member Nathalia Fernandez.

This legislation was developed in close collaboration with community leaders and area residents.

Assembly Bill 10613 includes the following limitations and proposals for municipal shooting ranges:

  1. Limit the hours the range can operate, by statute, to 8am to 8pm. The range currently runs to 9pm or later.
  2. Require full baffling/enclosure of the range (right now, it's only slated to be around 85%).
  3. Require the bomb detonation area to also be fully enclosed.
  4. Establishes parameters for noise generated from the range (decibel levels). Mandating the ranges shall not exceed 90 dB(A) for one hour out of a day, or 17 shall not exceed 80 dB(A) for eight hours out of a day measured at, or 18 adjusted to, a distance of one hundred feet outside the real property 19 boundary of the shooting range.
  5. Require the DOH & DEC conduct a study of the surrounding ground and water within a year of the bill passing and that this study, along with a remediation plan if needed, be available to the public on a website.

Assembly Members Benedetto and Fernandez were joined at the unveiling by numerous community leaders. Assembly Bill 10613 has currently been referred to the Assembly Committee on local governments.