Keep Your Promise Campaign

April 10th, 2017

Dear Friend, I write to you to help me in my effort to bring Barnes & Noble Booksellers back to the Bronx. As you know, Barnes & Noble closed its Bay Plaza store at the end of 2016. Its closing came with a promise that within 18-24 months they will return to the Bronx once they introduce a new business plan. It is my intent, with your help, to continuously remind Barnes & Noble executives of their promise. I am calling upon schools, building associations, homeowner organizations and community groups to join forces and unite behind this effort. It is my hope that if all concerned groups join in a letter writing campaign calling on Barnes & Noble to return then we will increase the chances of them to keep their promise to our Bronx community. I hope that you will encourage your organization to join the “Keep Your Promise” campaign by encouraging your membership to write letters to Barnes & Noble. If every organization throughout the Bronx does this, we will have sent a message to the Barnes & Noble executives that the Bronx is waiting for their return and that we expect them to keep their promise. If you’re interested in participating or have questions you can call my East Tremont office at (718)892-2235 and ask for Joshua Adams or my Coop City office at (718)320-2220 and ask for Leon Tulton. Together the “Keep Your Promise” campaign can be a success. Sincerely, Michael R. Benedetto Member of Assembly