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Assemblyman Philip Ramos Focuses on Combating Sex Crimes

Gun Trafficking Legislation a Good First Step, Unfortunately NRA Still has a Strangle-hold on the State Senate in Albany

Set the Record Straight on Illegal Guns

The Senate Majority and Governor Pataki have recently attacked the Assembly Majority for not passing legislation to close a loophole that allows criminals to possess illegal guns. The Senate Majority Leader said Tuesday on a radio show that his house...

Assemblyman Phil Ramos: Working for Us and Getting Results

Energy Prices Are Skyrocketing...

Ramos Calls for Energy Cost Saving Measure to be Effective by December 1

Commissioner Andrew S. EristoffNew York State Department of Taxation and FinanceW. A. Harriman CampusAlbany, NY 12227 Dear Commissioner Eristoff, Due to the anticipated rise of energy costs this winter, I urge the Department of Taxation and Finance...

School Finance Scandals Show Fiscal Accountability Measures are Necessary

The former superintendent of Roslyn schools has pleaded guilty to stealing more than $1 million from the district – the first of several criminal cases to be resolved in Roslyn. In addition, John McCormick, the son of the school’s former finance chief,...

Assemblyman Ramos: Families should prepare for a Fire Before it Happens

With National Fire Prevention Week (October 9-15) approaching soon, I urge families to take steps to prevent fires and learn how to be prepared in the event one occurs. As Chairman of the Assembly Volunteer Emergency Services Subcommittee, I have made...

Ramos: Suffolk Residents Need Relief from High Gas Prices

Rising oil prices will not only hurt working families at the pump, but will create an economic ripple effect felt at the local level. Record high gas prices will mean increased costs for schools to transport our students and for the police who must patrol...

Tips to Keep Children Safe as They Start a New School Year

Ramos: LIRR, NYC Mass Transit Shouldn’t Take Back Seat in Anti-Terror Funding

The tragic July 7 terrorist attacks in London were a painful reminder of how the world has changed since September 11, 2001. I, along with all other Americans, extend my deepest condolences to the victims of these horrific attacks and their families....

Working To Make Our Community Safer

Assemblyman Phil Ramos: Putting Your Health First

Ramos Delivers Results for Suffolk County Students

Assemblyman Ramos Is Fighting the Governor’s Massive Health Care Cuts and Tax Increases

Assemblyman Philip Ramos is Fighting for More Accountability

Assemblyman Philip Ramos - Helping Suffolk County

Assemblyman Ramos Is Working to Improve Our Economy

Steering Our Children Toward A Successful Future

Fifty Years after Brown v. BOE

Fifty years ago, the civil rights movement started in earnest when the Supreme Court handed down its revolutionary verdict in the Brown v. Board of Education case. Declaring that separate rarely is equal, the court, in a unanimous decision, ordered schools...