Keeping You Informed

Assemblyman Phil Ramos: Standing up for what’s right

Attention seniors on Medicare!

Ramos Says Community Involvement Key to Success of Graffiti Removal Program

We take great pride in our community. We do everything we can to beautify our area and give our neighborhoods their best chance for a brighter, cleaner future. But recently, increased incidents of graffiti in our community have become more than just local...

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor: I’ve been working with members of the community along with state and federal officials to eradicate gangs after a rash of violence. This past March, I wrote a letter to and subsequently met with the FBI director asking for assistance...

Fighting for a Fair, Responsible State Budget

Important Information About Lowering Your Heating Bills This Winter

Assemblyman Phil Ramos Knows that Every Cent Counts

A Proven Record of Delivering for Our Community

Keeping Our Children and Families Safe and Healthy

Working to Reduce Gas Prices and Taking Aim at Big Oil

Information on How to Lower Prescription Drug Costs from Assemblyman Philip Ramos

Assemblyman Phil Ramos Is Keeping His Promise—and Delivering for Local Schools

Fighting to Make Life on Long Island More Affordable

Working to Make Housing More Affordable

Assemblyman Ramos Fights AGAINST Tax Increases

Working to Keep Suffolk Safe

Phil Ramos: Getting Results for Working Families

Ramos: We Need to Raise Environmental Awareness for Ourselves and Future Generations

Protecting and preserving our environment is critical to our health and well-being, as well as for the future generations of New York State. Every year the Assembly honors Earth Day by introducing legislation that will assist in safeguarding the environment....

Ramos: Don’t Miss Out On Money In Your Pocket!

It’s tax time again, but this year is very different for seniors and low-income residents who do not normally file tax returns. I want to remind these individuals that filing a 2007 federal income tax return will qualify them for an economic stimulus...

Ramos: ¡No pierda la oportunidad de poner dinero en su bolsillo!

Es tiempo nuevamente de rendir las contribuciones, pero este año es muy diferente para los residentes de edad avanzada y los de ingresos bajos quienes normalmente no tienen que presentar una planilla contributiva. Quiero recordarles a estas personas...