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Assemblyman Stirpe: Tips to Help Make College More Affordable

For many, higher education is the key to a bright, successful future. The college experience can open doors and create better opportunities for our kids. While preparing for college can be daunting for parents and students, New York State has many great...

Assemblyman Al Stirpe Sends Thanks to All Mothers This Mother’s Day

Where would we be without our mothers? For most of us, it was the guiding influence of our mothers that made us who we are today. Whether it was teaching us something as simple as how to tie our shoelaces or teaching us major life lessons, mothers are...

Assemblyman Stirpe: Recycle Your E-Waste at Two Upcoming Collection Events

Recycling has long been an effective method of reducing the negative impact we have on the environment. Although many people are familiar with recycling cans, bottles and other materials, there are other recyclable items we interact with on a daily basis...

Compassion and Awareness are the First Steps in Understanding Autism

Last month, I read an article in The New York Times entitled, “Reaching My Autistic Son Through Disney,” by Ron Suskind.1 As the title suggests, the article chronicles Suskind’s experience with his son, Owen, a lover of Disney movies who was diagnosed...

Assemblyman Stirpe Fighting for Education Aid and Tax Relief for CNY

Times are tough, and families are doing everything they can just to make ends meet. The particularly harsh winter didn’t help, driving utility bills through the roof and making the cost-of-living even less affordable. Central New York families have...

Assemblyman Stirpe: Supporting Veterans in Their Transition to Civilian Life

Onondaga County is home to nearly 32,000 veterans, and helping these men and women who sacrificed so much to protect our freedom is not only a way for us to give back, to me, it’s also our duty. There are many difficulties that come with the transition...

Assemblyman Al Stirpe is building the foundation for a stronger economy

Assemblyman Al Stirpe 2nd Annual Women of Distinction Essay Contest

Assemblyman Stirpe Calls on State Senate to Vote on Women’s Equality NOW!

Here we go again. It’s 2014 and the Women’s Equality Act is still nowhere. Our daughters, sisters, aunts and mothers are still facing the same discrimination in many aspects of society that they were facing more than 50 years ago. That’s why I voted...

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New York’s Health Care Proxy Law & Family Health Care Decisions Act

Guide to the Elderly Pharmaceutical Insurance Coverage program (EPIC)

Safety Tips for Seniors

The Homeowner’s Guide

Information on how to protect your privacy and what to do if your identity is stolen

Assemblyman Al Stirpe to Host Volunteer Fair This May

Volunteering is an important part of what makes our community such a great place to live. Donating your time can sometimes be more valuable than simply donating money. When you volunteer, you are spending time enriching the lives of those less fortunate...