Assembly Member Jaime Williams Takes a Stand on the Importance of Labeling All GMO Products

Assembly Member Jaime Williams attended a press conference demonstrating her support for the crucial GMO Labeling Bill A.617B

Albany, N.Y. –GMO Free NY held a press conference in which the promotion and importance of labeling Genetically Modified Organism products was showcased. GMO Labeling Bill A.617B expresses the need for labeling of GMO products.

As Bill A.617B points out Genetic engineering (genetic modification) is a type of biotechnology that allows for the altering of genetic material contained in an organism such that it changes the character traits displayed by the organism while it develops and grows. The altering of an organism's genetic material can occur by the introduction of new genetic material derived from similar species or unrelated species, or by altering the organism's existing genetic material. Genetic engineering is not the same as traditional breeding techniques in that it involves methodologies that transcend natural reproductive processes.

As the Assembly Member stated: "The majority of all conventionally grown corn and soy in this country are genetically modified! Corn and soy and their derivatives are the majority of all of our packaged foods that our children are consuming on a daily basis, this includes baby formula. Labeling foods that have GMO ingredients would allow those who have food allergies, autoimmune disorders and other sensitivities to be able to make an informed choice in choosing a product that will not be detrimental to their health and well-being. The only true way to not eat GMO products is to purchase organic products. The downside to this is the cost of buying all organic. The importance of having all of the information to make an informed choice regarding GMO at least allows for the better understanding of the product we are consuming."