Assemblymember Jaime Williams Takes Step to Strip Pensions from Corrupt Politicians

“I have zero tolerance for corruption in government. That’s why I passed a resolution to amend the New York State Constitution (A.7704) that provides for the stripping of pensions for public officials convicted of a felony related to their official duties. Politicians who betray the public trust and use their office to line their own pockets shouldn’t be rewarded with pension benefits paid for by taxpayers.

“Unfortunately, those who serve in government sometimes forget what public service is all about and help themselves instead of their constituents. Politicians aren’t above the law, and this legislation makes clear that there are serious consequences when they commit a crime. If you defraud the people, we’ll defund your pension.”

Note: For this amendment to become law, it must pass in both chambers again next legislative session. At that point, it will be placed on the ballot as a public referendum for voters to amend the New York State Constitution.