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State Credit Card No Way To Close Multi-Billion Dollar Deficit

Each year, the state is called on to pay debt it has created, and this week that call came in the form of a budget resolution. The state has, once again, used a taxpayer-funded credit card to rack up millions in additional spending leaving New Yorkers...

Fiscal Irresponsibility Still Cornerstone of New York’s Problems

Governor Paterson today introduced his plan to reduce New York’s budget deficit. Although I applaud his effort and am glad that he has initiated a forum for open dialogue, the plan continues New York’s record of fiscal irresponsibility, and, in the...

Assemblyman Michael Fitzpatrick - Long Island’s Voice for Fiscal Responsibility

Feeling Squeezed by High Property Taxes?

Feeling Squeezed by High Property Taxes?

The Application Deadline for YOUR Property Tax Rebate Check has been extended to December 31

Seven Things You Need To Know About Your Property Tax Rebate Check

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2005 Summer Update from Assemblyman Michael Fitzpatrick

Senior Citizen Consumer Report - Summer 2005

Statement by Assemblyman Michael J. Fitzpatrick regarding MTA proposed rate hikes and service changes pertaining to Long Island Rail Road

I appreciate the effort which goes into these public hearings being conducted by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) and appreciate the opportunity to be heard. Given the potential impact on our local communities, it is imperative that a...

Assemblyman Michael Fitzpatrick - Legislative Update

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