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Assemblyman Barclay is Fighting for Agriculture in Albany!

Will Barclay’s Plan Will Bring Much-Needed Jobs Back to New York

The Money Crunch Hits Home

New Policies, Fees Enacted and ‘Swept Away’ with 2008-09 Budget

As has been reported, the 2008-09 budget imposes $1.5 billion in new fees and taxes on residents. In this column, I’d like to highlight for you some of the details of those fees and taxes people can, unfortunately, expect to see this year. I voted...

School Resource Officers Should Remain

The Governor’s budget proposal, which was released last month, was high on spending—about $124 billion—but included several cuts to fundamental programming and healthcare that would shortchange residents. Among those cuts includes funding to pay...

A.L. Lee Memorial Hospital’s Survival Rests on our Governor, Health Department

I am calling on Governor Eliot Spitzer to take immediate action to keep A. L. Lee Memorial Hospital in Fulton open. Just last month, Governor Spitzer stepped in with the State Health Department and prevented a similar facility located in downstate—Community...

Household Debt Management Takes Multi-Faceted, Disciplined Approach

It is this time of year when the holidays are over with and tax season is upon us that many of us are forced to take a look at our household spending. For many that means reassessing our debt loads, especially credit card debt. The average American...

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